Thursday, June 3, 2010

Girls were made for dresses, not for doing things again and again.

Yet why do I find myself doing all the same rubbish I did last year?? That's why I have decided there is no point, even during the Leaving Cert this year that I shall cease going out or drinking.

For those that are not familiar, new year of 2009, my resolution was to quit drinking until the Leaving Cert over. Technically, many could argue I didn't keep it since I had to do the Leaving Cert again and even a year after I 'finished' it, I'm still tied up in its tight clench. However, I kept my resolution and not once touched a single drop of C2H5OH until June 16th, 2009, the day I finished my Spanish(my final) exam. This year however, I made no such promise and I have continued drinking the entire year. The exams start in less that a week and I'm still not quitting, in fact, I plan on hitting the town for a few drinks this Friday night. I'm confident pretty much the rest of the year have finished up until June 17th/21st/22nd/24th/25th/whatever date they finish, with the booze, hoping it will somehow make a dramatic difference to their results in August, even though they have been drinking all year long. Personally, I really can't say if quitting the drink made a huge difference to my results last year. I think without alcohol, I had no way of clearing my mind of all the stress the Leaving Cert entailed. It sounds like I'm referring to alcohol as a solver to problems, which is what alcoholics tend to do and it is referred to as in fact the cause of the problems, however, I think I hold a valid argument in what I am saying. During the Leaving Cert, you feel your life is completely controlled by everything to do with the Leaving Cert, the main reason being that you can't get it out of your head. This passed year, I haven't been able to trace a day where the Leaving Cert did not come to mind in some frustrating manner. Now fellow Leaving Certs reading this, think back to any night you have been out on the town drinking and how often the Leaving Cert seemed to come to mind. Sure some of us mention it when we're drunk, but most of us completely forget about it and just have a good time. Thinking of the Leaving Cert seems to have a knock on effect that stops one enjoying themselves. Therefor, the alcohol allows the Leaving Certs to have a good time and thus revealing some of the stress these lousy exams entail. Overload of stress causes a mental blocks and mental blocks mean bad grades. And for those that could argue that you're killing all the brain cells with all the essential information for the Leaving Cert, NEWSFLASH, alcohol doesn't kill brain cells. It has been proven, you can do a bit of Googling if you don't believe me. This is the reason I am going out before and during the exams. I have found that all my friends doing the Leaving Cert, even those that are usually relaxed about everything, are going into overdrive when it comes to stress. They will do themselves more harm than good by thinking too much about how it can go wrong, what they don't know and that they're not good enough for the course they want to do. Most have decided they have given up on fun until the exams are over and from here on in(and this has been the last week or two as well) it's study all the way. They haven't allowed any me time for themselves, any time to completely clear their mind of all the horrible exams that lie ahead(and I wont lie, they are horrible). All the worry just leads to more worry about if they're worrying right which leads to more worry about the Leaving Cert which puts them in a vicious circle where they are only getting themselves worked up about things that they have no control over. I have found, in comparison to my fellow Leaving Certs, that I am not stressing at all, I feel more relaxed about these exams than ever, in fact, from this moment right here, I am looking forward to them.

This is the reason I have not quit drinking, I feel when you enjoy what you do, you're better at it. If I'm stopping myself getting worked up and over stressed about these exams then I will screw up. I'm not going to take time out of study to go out, but I'm going to have a hell of a good time on a night out this Friday, I couldn't care less how close the exams are. It's not going to make the make or break difference in the exams, I can just sense it wont.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Girls were made for dresses, but they can do other stuff too

So here is my list of stuff I want to do for the summer of 2010

  • Make a summer album on Facebook, which is filled with, eh, millions of pictures
  • Go to Sea Sessions
  • Find a really nice new watch
  • Paint for fun
  • Make some new friends
  • Get WAAAAYYY back in touch with my good old friends
  • 5 day weekends
  • Find a super nice new dress
  • Find some new music, something I have never heard before
  • Dye and cut my hair
  • Spend less time on the laptop
  • Find a wine I like(and am able to drink)
  • Save some money(or at least learn how to)
  • (Most importantly) HAVE THE BEST SUMMER EVER!!!
This year has been busy enough to want to enjoy the summer so much. However, I have wanted to do so much with all my summers for the last few years, but never put down in words what those things are, thus most never came about. Hopefully, with this list, I will be more enticed to do the things I want to do and hopefully have a fantastic, fulfilling summer!! Feel free to make a list for yourself, summer is pretty much here people!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Girls were made for dresses, they have have been painted wearing them for centuries

I'm sure whoever you are reading this, you are familiar with the Leaving Cert Art Craft exam(the 5 hour exam where I pick the poster). I found out the titles anyway. It's not like it's hard to come up with an idea for any of them, it's just difficult to come up with an idea that nobody else will come up with. How many people are not going to do a model on a runway(or something similar) for 'Milan Fashion Week' or a snooker table/people playing snooker for the 'snooker tournament' one. My biggest fear is doing a painting that is identical to 20 others the examiner corrects, because even if the examiner doesn't mean to do so, it will be compared to the others!! Saying that, in the end I will more than likely pick the Milan Fashion Week title and do something to do with dresses, because I love dresses so much(DUH!!). I'm not going to say any of my ideas now, there may be prying/stealing eyes about. But when I'm done, I promise I'll post some pictures up here. I'm very angry at the people who made the paper though, they could have given titles that allowed for more variation in pictures!! The lino titles allow for whatever variation the students doing them want. Ugh, I really don't like the poster titles but when I go into school tomorrow I will pretend to love them when I open the paper, just so my teacher can't say "I told you so". I look forward to it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Girls were made for dresses and rummaging while wearing them

Considering the sad news that Bebo is indeed leaving us soon, I have decided to go through some of my old blogs from Bebo and post them here. Keep in mind these were written between 4 and 2 years ago!! Enjoy!!

(from 12/30/07)
This week is full of work, so much of it and with it comes fun!! Today I was doing afters with Jane and tomorrow I will join her for the Panda club!!

Today while making the sandwiches, the following conversation occurred between myself and Jane.

Megan: Jane, you're making no sense!!
Jane: I know, I'm making sandwiches!!

Man we laughed for ages. We also established that Jane is not ginger and we have become the duo that makes fun of them. So if you're ginger watch out!! Ed(ginger) was targeted this evening.

Tonight we spent some time in the Panda club. There are knacker kids there and Caroline even reckons they have knives!! So watch out... While there, we caught a few of the managers in the back room stealing all the sweets. They're worse than we are...

Yes, this is but one day, and who knows what tomorrow at the Panda club will bring?? I'm hoping fun and excitement along with the money and above all else, ANTICS!! Of the crazy kind...

This just in...


Our pet shopping trolley, Weelson, who recently escaped the horrors of Super Valu to find solace in the Leisure Park, has been kidnapped by local knackers and their "ho's".

After leaving their new pet on the green while on a lap of town, the "Alternative" crowd were disgusted to find out that Weelson had been abducted, tortured and then thrown in the river. This journalist was appalled to hear of the event.

A rescue and vengeance operation will take place tomorrow....

How to read this:(02/06/06)
it's simple

1. If it is in any way blurry, consult an optician
2.If you can't read, learn to read. This point is pretty useless though if you can't read on account that you wouldn't be able to understand this!
3.Do whatever you want!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Girls were made for dresses, not regrets.

However, I may have one regret.

My father always asked me when he wanted to know some meaningless fact or piece of information, such as who sang a certain song or who was in a movie. Usually I knew the answer, but one evening when I was trying to get some work done, I suggested he Googled it to find the answer. I explained to him that Google has every piece of information he could ever ask for and it is always growing with information. He thought it was a great idea and proceeded to Google what information it was he wanted. I thought I would get him off my back in terms of all the new information since he had Google to tell him. However, while I was (what I thought was) peacefully working away, my father discovered that once he found out whatever it was he wanted to know, there seemed to be more information in regards to what he wanted, then even more information in regards to that. My father thought it would be a great idea to share all this new information with me. So I thought stopping the few questions would grant me some peace, however, it only led to a lot more talking.

Really, I don't regret that my father has finally discovered he can find out all this stuff, it's good to have access to information. I just wish he wouldn't share it all with me when I really don't give a shit.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Girls were made for dresses, they wear them when they die

I think I almost died today. This is my story.

While waiting for the bus, Lorna and I went to get a drink in McGreeveys first. She got tea and I got a lovely bottle of Jones Soda. As we came really close to the bus, I read the fortune on the lid of the Jones Soda. It said "Miss the bus on Purpose". I showed it to Lorna and she became just as scared as I was. But we got on the bus....

Were we crazy?? Would you have got on the bus even though a carbonated delicious soft drink was telling you otherwise??

We detailed many possible scenarios as to why the bottle told us not to get on the bus.
  • We were going to crash
  • We were going to get lost
  • The bus driver was going to take us hostage
  • There was a bomb on the bus
However, somehow, we made it to Castlebar. No scratches or blown off heads. We were ok amazingly.

It was truly a terrifying experience. Stupid bottles, scaring the shit outta us!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Girls were made for dresses and speculating perhaps.

Today I had a thought. Imagine if St.Patrick's Day fell on Good Friday. For those of you not aware of Irish laws, all pubs must close on Good Friday and no shop, supermarket or off license may sell alcohol to anybody, i.e no alcohol is sold for the entire day. For those of you not aware of what St.Patrick's day is like in Ireland, it may as well be renamed National Drinking Day. Ask almost anybody what their plans are for St.Patrick's day, their answer usually isn't a mere getting drunk, it's usually more along the lines of "GETTING HAMMERED!!" The main emphasis on St.Patrick's day is alcohol and it could be one of the reasons Ireland is so closely associated as a drinking country.

If such a thing ever happened, it would change Ireland in either one way or another. It would either force our country to change our laws in a direction opposite to the Catholic Church, in a country where the constitution is basically the bible reworded and altered throughout the years or else force us to change our habits of a country's lifetime, away from alcohol. If the law was dropped to allow alcohol to be sold on Good Friday than it would be another step away from Ireland as a Catholic State: A state set up at the beginning of our independence. It would be a move that would show we are more open to other religions and most importantly, it would reduce the ties between religion and politics in this country. However, would it be the better choice of the two?? I strongly agree that religion has no place in government, but maybe our drinking habits are something would need to be addressed more seriously?? I am a drinker. I am not afraid to admit that I am a heavy drinker and like so many others in the country I rely on alcohol when I go out. Perhaps such an event would show us how to celebrate our national holiday as it should be celebrated. Stop us pinning everything we do with the bottle.

In my personal opinion however, I believe that stopping the sales of alcohol on such a day would only cause utter disarray among the drinkers who couldn't possibly post-pone their annual sesh(as if something of a similar style doesn't happen every weekend) until the next year or if the alcohol was absolutely necessary enjoy it the night before. That is why I believe that if such an situation were to occur, I would much prefer to see the laws changed. At least that way it is clearly evident change is coming about.

Is there anywhere where all the Easter dates can be viewed long into the future?? If you know please let me know. Also, I am very keen to hear your opinions on this matter. Please let me know.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Girls were made for dresses, but what about their teeth??

Most teenagers are aware of the health risks associated with alcohol. They are aware of the problems to the liver and the general stupidity that comes with being drunk. However, how many people consider the danger to their teeth?? On a recent visit to the dentist, she told me I drink too many fizzy drinks, that I need to lay off a little. I said ok, but thinking I don't drink that many fizzy drinks. Later I realised that when I'm drinking I would drink a hell of a lot of Coke, or else some other fizzy drink. While I pay attention to the amount of alcohol I drink(well I usually do), I never take any notice of the amount of mixer. I could easily drink a full 2 litre bottle of Coke on a night out. That means I seem to be drinking between 2 and 4 litres of Coke each weekend, as well as some other fizzy drinks. Even if there is some left over in the morning it works great as a hangover cure. I really need to reconsider the amount of mixer I use in the future. Maybe water would make a nice mixer, or how about just straight alcohol from here on in. I'll have to look into the sugar level in beer. My Teeth are bad enough as it is.

Here's Megan providing you with another bad thing about the fun things we do. I hope this cheers you up if you're feeling down.

And on another note, I have a friend who suffered from the dangers of alcohol in relation to teeth, simply because she lost half her tooth while drunk. It's just another thing to consider people for the next time you're drinking, make sure you don't hit your teeth if you fall.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Girls were made for dresses, not for getting sick.


I can easily say that this has been one of the worst weeks of my life. I have never been more relieved for a week to be over. I had done the mocks before, hey I had even done the Leaving Cert before, but it wasn't just the exams that made the week so terrible. It was the horrible sicknesses I suffered from all week. I say sicknesses because I felt like I was suffering from everything!! I had the symptoms from the flu, symptoms from a stomach bug, symptoms of dehydration(if you don't know the symptoms, you don't really want to know), toothaches, mouth ulcers and on top of it all, fatigue because the pains were keeping me up late and the exams were getting me up early. Oh! Those exams... There are many of them I don't even remember what I wrote in them, I just spent the whole exam thinking about leaving. I nearly left maths paper 2 after only 2 questions. By the time I got to the last few questions I wasn't able to think about it. Vectors, usually my best question, makes no sense, I even used theorems that are only used in paper 1. Oh dear. I decided though that I do not care, I was sick, I had valid reason to do terribly. So, the results I will get in a few weeks will be justified, right??... I just have to make sure I'm not sick for the actual exams in June!!

I must apologise before I go any further. I set up this blog last Christmas with the intention of at least one blog a week. However, since returning to school I have totally neglected it. I'm very disappointed in myself. :(

Another thing I decided, but more recently, is that I will go to this year's debs. I thought last September if I go to the debs this year I will just wear my dress again. Although it is such a stunning dress, I am going to wear a different one this year. However, I'm not going to go out and spend lots of money on a dress this year(but in fairness, last year I only spent €90 on my dress last year). In fact I already have the dress for this year. It's a very pretty purple dress, about the same length as last year's dress and the best thing of all, only €17!! I bought on sale in Galway. I have worn it out but that was only once, so I'm not going to wear it again until July. I have already planned how I'm going to do my hair as well. I will have it cut short, a little shorter than it is now, and I will have curls in it. Since my hair will be short, the curls will be very short. Hmmm, I wonder if I will end up going like that, because last year I looked nothing like how I planned originally. Time will tell as one would say.

This is the dress I have for the Debs(sorry about the terrible quality)

I already have a date for this year's debs as well. She comes in the form of lovely Hazel. I inquired what she would be wearing(as she will be my date, I must make sure we will not clash). She told me she will wear her dress from last year. Anybody reading this who did not see Hazel's dress last year missed out on seeing an absolutely stunning dress. I loved my own dress of course, but I thought Hazel's was fabulous as well!! I am very glad she will be wearing that dress as my date.

However, now, since it is Friday, I must finish up and get ready to go out. It has been a few weeks since I last met the town on a Friday night, oh how it misses me so. I do promise to return here soon though.

Tata, just for now.