Monday, March 29, 2010

Girls were made for dresses, not regrets.

However, I may have one regret.

My father always asked me when he wanted to know some meaningless fact or piece of information, such as who sang a certain song or who was in a movie. Usually I knew the answer, but one evening when I was trying to get some work done, I suggested he Googled it to find the answer. I explained to him that Google has every piece of information he could ever ask for and it is always growing with information. He thought it was a great idea and proceeded to Google what information it was he wanted. I thought I would get him off my back in terms of all the new information since he had Google to tell him. However, while I was (what I thought was) peacefully working away, my father discovered that once he found out whatever it was he wanted to know, there seemed to be more information in regards to what he wanted, then even more information in regards to that. My father thought it would be a great idea to share all this new information with me. So I thought stopping the few questions would grant me some peace, however, it only led to a lot more talking.

Really, I don't regret that my father has finally discovered he can find out all this stuff, it's good to have access to information. I just wish he wouldn't share it all with me when I really don't give a shit.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Girls were made for dresses, they wear them when they die

I think I almost died today. This is my story.

While waiting for the bus, Lorna and I went to get a drink in McGreeveys first. She got tea and I got a lovely bottle of Jones Soda. As we came really close to the bus, I read the fortune on the lid of the Jones Soda. It said "Miss the bus on Purpose". I showed it to Lorna and she became just as scared as I was. But we got on the bus....

Were we crazy?? Would you have got on the bus even though a carbonated delicious soft drink was telling you otherwise??

We detailed many possible scenarios as to why the bottle told us not to get on the bus.
  • We were going to crash
  • We were going to get lost
  • The bus driver was going to take us hostage
  • There was a bomb on the bus
However, somehow, we made it to Castlebar. No scratches or blown off heads. We were ok amazingly.

It was truly a terrifying experience. Stupid bottles, scaring the shit outta us!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Girls were made for dresses and speculating perhaps.

Today I had a thought. Imagine if St.Patrick's Day fell on Good Friday. For those of you not aware of Irish laws, all pubs must close on Good Friday and no shop, supermarket or off license may sell alcohol to anybody, i.e no alcohol is sold for the entire day. For those of you not aware of what St.Patrick's day is like in Ireland, it may as well be renamed National Drinking Day. Ask almost anybody what their plans are for St.Patrick's day, their answer usually isn't a mere getting drunk, it's usually more along the lines of "GETTING HAMMERED!!" The main emphasis on St.Patrick's day is alcohol and it could be one of the reasons Ireland is so closely associated as a drinking country.

If such a thing ever happened, it would change Ireland in either one way or another. It would either force our country to change our laws in a direction opposite to the Catholic Church, in a country where the constitution is basically the bible reworded and altered throughout the years or else force us to change our habits of a country's lifetime, away from alcohol. If the law was dropped to allow alcohol to be sold on Good Friday than it would be another step away from Ireland as a Catholic State: A state set up at the beginning of our independence. It would be a move that would show we are more open to other religions and most importantly, it would reduce the ties between religion and politics in this country. However, would it be the better choice of the two?? I strongly agree that religion has no place in government, but maybe our drinking habits are something would need to be addressed more seriously?? I am a drinker. I am not afraid to admit that I am a heavy drinker and like so many others in the country I rely on alcohol when I go out. Perhaps such an event would show us how to celebrate our national holiday as it should be celebrated. Stop us pinning everything we do with the bottle.

In my personal opinion however, I believe that stopping the sales of alcohol on such a day would only cause utter disarray among the drinkers who couldn't possibly post-pone their annual sesh(as if something of a similar style doesn't happen every weekend) until the next year or if the alcohol was absolutely necessary enjoy it the night before. That is why I believe that if such an situation were to occur, I would much prefer to see the laws changed. At least that way it is clearly evident change is coming about.

Is there anywhere where all the Easter dates can be viewed long into the future?? If you know please let me know. Also, I am very keen to hear your opinions on this matter. Please let me know.