Saturday, May 8, 2010

Girls were made for dresses, but they can do other stuff too

So here is my list of stuff I want to do for the summer of 2010

  • Make a summer album on Facebook, which is filled with, eh, millions of pictures
  • Go to Sea Sessions
  • Find a really nice new watch
  • Paint for fun
  • Make some new friends
  • Get WAAAAYYY back in touch with my good old friends
  • 5 day weekends
  • Find a super nice new dress
  • Find some new music, something I have never heard before
  • Dye and cut my hair
  • Spend less time on the laptop
  • Find a wine I like(and am able to drink)
  • Save some money(or at least learn how to)
  • (Most importantly) HAVE THE BEST SUMMER EVER!!!
This year has been busy enough to want to enjoy the summer so much. However, I have wanted to do so much with all my summers for the last few years, but never put down in words what those things are, thus most never came about. Hopefully, with this list, I will be more enticed to do the things I want to do and hopefully have a fantastic, fulfilling summer!! Feel free to make a list for yourself, summer is pretty much here people!!

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