Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Girls were made for dresses and when they wear them out on the town prefer to be drunk.

Usually morning is a time of recovering when us ladies have been out the night before. However, this morning all I had to recover from was babysitting(and that doesn't require too much recovering). Last night at 9.30, after wrestling the idea of going out all day, myself and Hazel were in bed in our pajamas with a DVD ready to start. Then, with timing like in the movies, right before the movie started my phone rang. It was our dear friend Lorna, all ready to go out. I explained to her that we were in bed and not able to go anywhere, too tired and full since dinner. Lorna was very disheartened and told me that she was already dressed with her false eyelashes on and really wanted to go out. When we told her we weren't going out she said "oh, I guess I'm not going out either then". When we hung up we wrestled the idea of going out again, a fight we thought was long over. We felt that she should have rang us sooner but even though she left it so late we felt bad and went out anyway. However getting out of bed was trouble and one of the most difficult things I may have ever done. But of course, I found my dress and was ready in a moment(roughly 45 minutes later). Lorna arrived and after a blissful battle to keep her in the house for as long as possible she decided it was time to go. Reluctant as we were we decided to go with her and escorted her to the Castle. Both Hazel and I were sober. The place was very different while sober. When drunk it's full of guys'n'gals, dancing away carelessly, having a good time. When sober it's full of careless people jumping around like crazy people, banging into others, disregarding their attempt to have fun. It's not very enjoyable. However, Hazel and I had a job to, we weren't there to have fun. It was a tough battle, saving her(Lorna) from herself. We think we get by alright when we're drunk with a few little mistakes along the way, but the amount of times we had to stop her making those mistakes was uncountable. It made me wish I had two sober babysitters for me when I'm drunk; they might be able to stop me making such an idiot of myself in the future. Of course though, my new year's resolution is to stop making such an idiot of myself while drunk(and this is without the minders) but I fear I will only break it 10 seconds(or less) into 2010. However, I am actually determined to keep it this year as last year I somehow managed to keep my resolution of quitting all alcohol for 5 1/2 months. During that time I was able to stop myself destroying any dresses by being an idiot (like when drunk) and thus many remained. However, over 6 months since my reintroduction to alcohol I have indeed lost many dresses to drunken antics. But of course, I will continue to wear my dresses while out, drunk or sober, as girls were made for dresses, and we're just too fabulous to resist.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Girls were made for dresses and they wear them in a cabin


But there's plenty of Christmas left to go round!! Thankfully tomorrow I have work, my job pulls me away, but for now I'm stuck in the house. That ice, blastful, cold, dark ice!! It has locked me in and caused me to get locked with my family for the last few days. Captain Morgan, you have served me well and it's the dog that has kept me sane. Cabin fever has indeed been kicking in. My family is tolerable but in small doses, stuck with them for 3 days is far more then a small dose. My only real escape has been what Santa provided me with, my lovely new computer!! Oh Apple, you created a fine thing for me to use. The internet really has kept me connected and for that I am thankful. I also have my lovely dresses. I tried on a few dresses and decided what to wear out tomorrow night!! I can easily amuse myself for hours trying on different dresses, trying out different hair and make-up with each dress, deciding when and where to wear each dress!! We were made for these things after all. Anyone who thinks we were made for men is mistaken, know the truth people!! I seem to be rambling again now.... It's the cabin fever again!! Hmm... all the nice sweets are all gone, the nice stuffing is all gone, all the nice tidying I did before Christmas has been reversed somehow(it's completely unexplainable even though there are at least 9 people staying in the house). Only a few days later it's as if Christmas never happened, all that proves it is the insanity and the Mac I'm left with.Oh wait, I found something else.... my big ass!! Isn't it amazing how much food we eat over Christmas?? I feel like I never stop!! At least I have plenty of free time before I go back to school to go to the gym. Last year I went to the gym on St.Stephen's day, I was very proud of that. Even if I wanted to this year the ice held me in.Now my ass is shouting at me saying "Why am I still so big?? Christmas was a few days ago!!" I have totally lost the willpower for going to the gym, I used to have a friend that I went with but now she can't come anymore. I made myself go to stop myself letting someone else down and it worked, every week. The last time I was in the gym now is absent from my memory, September I think!! Too long, considering I don't have to pay for it!! I would be grateful for a trip to the gym now, I would even wear a dress!! Because the only medicine, the only cure for cabin fever is OUT!!
I want out!!

Girls were made for dresses, not dresses were made for girls

My first post, 
Today I realised something very important when I got dressed: When girls were made, we were made to wear dresses!! The dress already existed but nothing to fill it so the most perfect thing for it was created to complement it:girls. That's why we're so perfect. Of course we girls wear trousers and shorts and skirts and sometimes nothing!! Everyone is very welcome to wear whatever it is they like, what they feel most comfortable in, what they feel they look best in, what they are required to wear as uniform, what they think others will like them in etc... It's one of the ways we express free will as human beings, even though as human beings we are very prone to making mistakes. But even if you as an individual don't choose to wear a dress, we girls we still made to wear them. 
But of course I would have an opinion like that, I do love dresses after all. I wear trousers for comfort and practicality mostly, otherwise I would wear a dress. Wearing a dress makes me happy. The most beautiful dress I have ever seen is one that no one else has ever seen. This is because it is one I dreamed up in my head about a year and a half ago. I have been on a search to find it since then but I have had no success yet!! My mother did promise to make me a dress and make it as close to how I described as would have been possible to her, however it never happened and I don't know if it would have turned out like how I thought it up in my head if she had made it. Even though I will never be able to wear it, at least I'll always have the dress being just for me!! Since I never got that dress, I'll have to have another dress that is real and it is one that I own... that would be my debs dress. Blue with white spots and a pink bow, knee length and strapless, puffy out bottom and perfect for me!! So perfect in fact that I haven't been able to wear it since my Debs, I didn't even feel it was worthy for that!! Unfortunately Safari is being a bitch and wont let me upload pictures, but as soon as I download Chrome I'll be right on it!! 
       Maybe when we wonderful women were created to wear dresses we were each created with a particular dress in mind... Maybe mine is my blue one, or the one I dreamed up. But I love dresses!! I'm glad I'm a girl, because I get to wear dresses!! :D
       Hmmmm, I suppose boys wear dresses as well..................