Sunday, April 11, 2010

Girls were made for dresses and rummaging while wearing them

Considering the sad news that Bebo is indeed leaving us soon, I have decided to go through some of my old blogs from Bebo and post them here. Keep in mind these were written between 4 and 2 years ago!! Enjoy!!

(from 12/30/07)
This week is full of work, so much of it and with it comes fun!! Today I was doing afters with Jane and tomorrow I will join her for the Panda club!!

Today while making the sandwiches, the following conversation occurred between myself and Jane.

Megan: Jane, you're making no sense!!
Jane: I know, I'm making sandwiches!!

Man we laughed for ages. We also established that Jane is not ginger and we have become the duo that makes fun of them. So if you're ginger watch out!! Ed(ginger) was targeted this evening.

Tonight we spent some time in the Panda club. There are knacker kids there and Caroline even reckons they have knives!! So watch out... While there, we caught a few of the managers in the back room stealing all the sweets. They're worse than we are...

Yes, this is but one day, and who knows what tomorrow at the Panda club will bring?? I'm hoping fun and excitement along with the money and above all else, ANTICS!! Of the crazy kind...

This just in...


Our pet shopping trolley, Weelson, who recently escaped the horrors of Super Valu to find solace in the Leisure Park, has been kidnapped by local knackers and their "ho's".

After leaving their new pet on the green while on a lap of town, the "Alternative" crowd were disgusted to find out that Weelson had been abducted, tortured and then thrown in the river. This journalist was appalled to hear of the event.

A rescue and vengeance operation will take place tomorrow....

How to read this:(02/06/06)
it's simple

1. If it is in any way blurry, consult an optician
2.If you can't read, learn to read. This point is pretty useless though if you can't read on account that you wouldn't be able to understand this!
3.Do whatever you want!


  1. I want to do this!
    Nice nostalgia trip. :)
    I've got all those lists of memories we used to make after parties, remember? x

  2. [Check my facebook for those epic lists we used do do, of memories and quotes from parties!]