Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Girls were made for dresses, I like them short and sweet

Similar to this blog post.

Basically, although I am an absolute lump (a lazy person who spends most of their time in bed, not because they're are tired or sleeping, but simply because they refuse to get out of bed), I have decided I need to start getting up earlier in the mornings, and going for a jog. So in order to do that, I'm gambling not taking a shower tonight and telling myself I MUST get up early in the morning or else I will smell for the entire day and nobody will want to talk to me. Here's hoping I have the willpower to get up, or else don't come near me tomorrow. If I can, then I know I will be able to get up for my jogs in the near future.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Girls were made for dresses, I wear one to work

I am currently a 40 hour week working girl!

Unfortunately, I don't get paid like one :( As part of my degree in UL, I have to do a semester of co-op, or work experience in other words. Luckily I managed to secure co-op with a very small payment, but it's not very much at all. Therefore I am still as broke as always. I suppose booking a flight to Australia was never going to help with my money problems. I am off to Melbourne, to Swinburne University for a semester in July. When I fly there, one of my stopover flights is in Changi airport in Singapore. I think it's cool I'll get to say I was in four countries in one day. Actually, it might be two days, I believe it takes a long time to fly all the way from Ireland to Australia, or so I've heard. I'll definitely find out for myself come July.

On another note, my task for my job in the morning is to go buy Smarties! I'm a research assistant in the Psychology department in UL. I have proper worky stuff I'm supposed to do as well, but I have prioritised with the Smarties! It means I'll get a bit of a lie in as well in the morning. Me saying no to additional time in bed is like any person out there saying no to free money, although I wouldn't say no to free money either, especially since I need something to live on.

Considering how broke I am (incase you haven't picked up on it from this post alone, I have no money!), I have decided to start making my own clothes. That also means I'll be able to make them exactly how I like them, once I get good at making them. I've never used a sowing machine before, but hoping to pick that up pretty quick. When I started baking, my sister used to tell me I should have done home ec in school if I wanted to be any good at it, and I have shown her. Anyways, I am going to begin dedicating this blog to the wonderful progression of my seamstress ways, keeping it up to date with all my future projects, with pictures! I'll keep you posted. By you I'm referring to anyone who has read this, for the simple reason that they have absolutely nothing better to do. (Yeah, I know that's the only reason you've just read this heap of dribble).

Hasta luego, or a direct translation to english, until then.